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For more information on NICS, contact Karla Zander, Manager of Research and Member Services, 795-0380

NICS Deadlines:

Late fee applies if received after April 1, 2016

Final Deadline May 2, 2016     

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Download the report forms for the 2016 NICS here:

2016 NICS Daily Instructions

Submission for individual Weekly Newspaper:

2016 NICS Input Form

Submission for individual Daily Newspaper (4 files):

2016 NICS Basic

2016 NICS Single

2016 NICS Multiple

2016 NICS Sales

Submission for more than one Daily Newspaper:

2016 NICS Group

Submission for more than one Weekly Newspapers:

2016 NICS Group Weekly

Benefits Survey

2016 Newspaper Industry Compensation Survey (NICS)

This confidential survey is the industry standard in compensation planning, the most complete and reliable with participation from about one-third of all U.S. dailies.

2016 Benefits Survey