2018 Annual Meeting

Brain Swell Media’s Ryan Dohrn rattled off 60 sales tips in 60 minutes. Here are one-tenth of them


Don’t manage to goal—manage to meetings. Say your revenue goal for a certain period is $40,000. If your average deal is $2,000, that means you’ll need 20 deals. And to get 20 deals you’ve got to figure you’ll need at least 35 meetings. Schedule them!

Just as too many cooks spoil the broth, too many detail can kill the deal. “Analytics, AI, engagement statistics. Some people think of data like sausages or hot dogs—they like them but they don’t wan to watch them being made.”

If your salespeople are using email for most of their prospecting or pitches, tell them to stop typing and start dialing. One stat from Grasshopper Research: Phone calls are 10 times more likely to lead to sales than email messages. “The top people burn the phone lines up.”

Who needs needs assessments? Be careful with them: “86% of buyers would rather go to the dentist than sit through a needs assessment. Good luck pulling out a formal needs assessment in front of a young buyers or 65-plus buyer—you’ll get kicked out.”

A better approach: Ask the questions other media salespeople aren’t asking. Instead of asking about needs and goals, ask what would the perfect ad for you be? What would that accomplish for you?

Little things count: Publish your media kit in landscape format because it will look better on computer screens.