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Brainworks announces new software platform for advertising, CRM


Brainworks introduced a new browser-based platform intended to unify print and digital transactions at the 2019 Key Executives Mega-Conference in Las Vegas.

Stratica Advertising and Stratica CRM are the first two products from this new platform called Stratica. Brainworks said products in development include Stratica Xpance for print, digital and video ad workflow management and Stratica Audience for subscriber acquisition and management.

Brainworks said it named the platform Stratica because it is “the place where strategy converts into action.”

All Stratica modules are browser-based allowing, Brainwork says, “for minimal deployment disruptions, accelerated configuration and training timelines, wide-ranging integration capabilities, automated upgrades and dramatically reduced cost of ownership.”

Brainworks said Stratica’s Advertising & CRM solutions provide media companies with the latest tools to compete aggressively for advertisers by delivering innovative built-in features, which it listed as the following:

Advanced workflow efficiencies with permission based user management.

Real-time analytics and marketing functionality.

Automated customized reporting.

Responsive design for on-the-road account management and order entry.

Media specific CRM with advanced forecasting capabilities and pipeline management.

“We built Stratica in direct response to our customers’ need to quickly transform their business strategies to better compete in digital, video and print advertising,” said Rick Sanders, president and CEO of Brainworks. “In our 30 years serving publishers, we have consistently focused on growing our customers’ revenues. Stratica combines our revenue-generating expertise with the ability to be nimble and responsive via new and exciting cloud technologies. With Stratica, publishers can regain dominance in their local media markets.”

Stratica built by Brainworks is available through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscriptions.