Building on Inland’s legacy of practical, useful programming


Inland has long enjoyed—and deserved—a reputation for presenting the most useful and practical programming available, all expressly tailored to newspaper decision makers.

This year we plan to build on that tradition, starting with evaluating all of our current programming through this lens: Ensuring that we are emphasizing proven revenue generation techniques and strategies, as well as forward-looking innovations in all departments and platforms that keep our members on the industry’s leading edge.

Your Program Committee Chair Jason Taylor is getting us off to a fast start towards that goal. His committee has already held two meetings devoted to in-depth examinations of past programming. This hard-working group also explored new ideas for 2019—and decided on several changes.

One example: In 2019, instead of offering separate meetings focused on such topics as digital revenue, audience development and advertising sales, Inland will hold a single Revenue Conference that addresses all the many and growing revenue sources available to newspapers.

As you’ll see, a thread emerges from the lineup of our conferences in the next year – Inland’s strong commitment to collaboration with other industry associations for the benefit of our members.

Future opportunities will be the overarching theme of one of the most exciting Inland events coming next month: Executive Voices 2.0: The Conversation Continues. This meeting, held high above Chicago in the Willis Tower Dec. 4-5, is uniquely structured to encourage bold thinking and strategizing. There will be no PowerPoint presentations, no canned speeches, no lectures. To encourage interaction, attendance is limited to just 70 top newspaper executives. Join these change agents as we take on topics ranging from new business models to unorthodox revenue streams that actually pay off to dominating digital advertising in our markets.

An outstanding group of industry figures will facilitate the Executive Voices 2.0 conversations, including

• Mark Adams, CEO of Adams Publishing Group

• Alan Fisco, president of The Seattle Times

• Tran Ha, the founder of Tiny Collaborative who led the popular Design Thinking session at the Annual Meeting

• Lisa Hurm, vice president and general manager of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

• Jim Moroney, publisher emeritus of The Dallas Morning News

• Jason Taylor, president of New Media Investment Group Ventures and GateHouse Live

Our first Executive Voices last December sold out. Don’t delay in getting your seat at the table. Register on our website,

Early next year Inland and three other co-sponsoring associations will hold the 2019 Key Executive Mega-Conference in Las Vegas. Registration for the conference, Feb. 25-27, 2019 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel is already open. In addition to Inland, other sponsoring associations include SNPA, the Local Media Association, and the News Media Alliance.

Also, as you can read elsewhere in this edition, Inland will be partnering with the 360 Media Alliance in 2019 on two conferences covering all issues surrounding audience and marketing. Alliance founder John Newby has deep experience with these topics and has great success in building compelling content for these meetings – targeted at audience and marketing operators. The first meeting will be April 26-28, 2019 in St. Louis. The second conference will move eastward in the fall.

Finally, we’re also happy to collaborate once again with the SNPA next year to hold a joint annual meeting, Oct. 6-8, 2019 in Chicago. This is the second time that Inland and SNPA have held a joint annual meeting. The first meeting came in 2017 and was held in Colorado Springs. The feedback from that event was so positive that the boards of both associations approved another meeting. You’ll hear much more about that joint meeting as it draws closer.

One last note about an addition to the Foundation Board of Directors. The board has appointed Matt McMillan, CEO of Minnesota based Press Publications, to fill a vacancy on the foundation board. We welcome Matt to the board and know he’ll make a positive contribution to the work of the Foundation.