Digital Ad Fraud 101: Understanding How Ad Fraud Impacts Local Markets

Presented by Kevin Rehberg, director of client development, Alliance for Audited Media and Dr. Augustine Fou, cybersecurity and anti-ad fraud researcher and consultant


Inland webinar series in partnership with the Alliance for Audited Media: Digital ad fraud 101

Join the Alliance for Audited Media for “Digital Ad Fraud 101,” a webinar series that will help explain what ad fraud is, how it impacts local media and how publishers can protect themselves from the issues that arise.

Digital Ad Fraud 101: Understanding How Ad Fraud Impacts Local Markets

Wednesday, September 19 | 2 p.m. CDT

You’ve read the seemingly sensational headlines about digital ad fraud:

“Ad Fraud is Really Hurting Publishers and Advertisers”

“How Ad Fraud Ruins the Internet”

“Proctor & Gamble to Cut Up to $140 Million in Digital Ad Spending”

“Ad Fraud to Cost Advertisers $19 billion in 2018”

But what do these headlines mean for news media companies with a local presence? Is fraud occurring in your market? Is it affecting your company?

Join AAM’s Kevin Rehberg and cybersecurity and ad fraud researcher Dr. Augustine Fou to learn more about how digital ad fraud impacts news media companies. At this webinar, you’ll

•Understand the basics of what ad fraud is and how it happens

•Review new research that puts numbers behind ad fraud at a local level

•Explore how your company might be affected by ad fraud without even knowing it

•Participate in a Q&A and get your questions answered