Employee Engagement Surveys


Inland's Employee Engagement Survey turns the best source of information in your workplace – the opinions of employees themselves – into a powerful tool for management decision-making. This professionally developed and very low-cost survey provides valuable insight into morale issues, encourages candid communications with employees-and identifies possibly festering workplace issues beyond the obvious ones such as wages and benefits.

EES in a nutshell:
•Valuable insight into morale issues
•Completely confidential, encouraging candor
•Customizable to your specific workplace concerns
•Low-cost survey conducted online
•Developed by industrial psychologist and newspaper veteran.

How the EES works
The Employee Engagement Survey was designed and validated by an industrial psychologist and newspaper veteran, and is updated periodically to stay current in the media environment.

EES asks employees to agree, disagree or be undecided on 61 statements in eight categories:
• Work climate
• Compensation
• Hours and working conditions
• Organization, efficiency and productivity
• Management
• Supervision
• Satisfaction with job and company
• Training and development

Here are some statements in the "work climate" category, for example:
• The hours and shift I work are OK.
• I understand how my job fits in with other work in my department.
• My training and abilities are used very well in this job.
• My duties have been well explained to me.
• Plus, you can provide five custom statements that pertain to specific workplace issues you'd like to know more about.

Here's how to participate
For Inland members, EES is available for $200, plus $10 per employee survey form processed. For non-members, the fee is $250 plus $15 for each form processed.
Discounts are available for newspapers that perform the survey annually, and those that groups with three or more newspapers participating. 

You can view a sample survey here.

And download the brochure here

For more information, call Patty Slusher, Director of Membership and Programming, 847-795-0380 or email her.