Final Countdown to Mission One: Revenue


Mission One: Revenue focuses on finding new revenue from any of the sources available to newspaper, from digital to events to niche products to social media.

But the agenda for Mission One: Revenue, at the headquarters of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution June 19 to 21, also directs attendee’s attention to revenue streams that are hiding in plain sight.

A good example is “Re-thinking real estate revenue, NOW,” a session conducted by four marketing and sales experts: Jim Brown, the vice president, sales and marketing for Borrell Associates; Brian Monihan, vice president and publisher at Pamplin Media; Cesar Montes, president of WeHaa, which offers a print and digital real estate advertising solution; and Mike Blinder, president of The Blinder Group.

Their session takes off from the premise that the local real estate landscape has changed again—and this time back in favor of local newspapers.

“Owners and agents are moving money out of digital verticals like Zillow and Trulia, preferring marketing options that raise their ‘top of mind awareness’ and personal brand within the neighborhoods they serve,” Blinder said. “Newspapers already own the solutions they crave. This session will be all about showing newspapers how they can win back the sizable local dollars that are now in play.”

Similarly, Greg Swanson, the partner and business development leader at, revisits a sales platform that many newspapers, mistakenly, think they are already optimizing: email.

His session, “You’ve got revenue: Creating email sales campaigns that work,” will take Mission One: Revenue attendees step-by-step through the process of creating email campaigns that really work for local businesses, and how to sell the retargeting of respondents across the web, social media—and even snail mail.

And with politics a constantly trending topic as mid-term elections draw nearer, John Kimball, managing general partner of The John Kimball Group, will highlight the real-life experiences of newspapers from small and medium-sized markets that have won a substantial share of the money being spent by candidates and backers of ballot issues. The session, “Vote Yes! Seizing local political dollars now!,” looks beyond the immediate elections to show how newspapers can convert political dollars into sustainable revenue streams long-term.

Al Getler, a division sales manager at Advantage Newspaper Consultants, also taps into legacy revenue streams with his session, “Maximizing your print ad dollars.”

“The printed legacy product is far from dead in credibility, audience reach—and the results it gets,” Getler said. This session, he added, is focused on the latest methods being implemented right now to maximize ad revenue from every inch of print ads.