Webinars in partnership with Dev/Con Detect, Part 1

How much revenue are you losing to ad fraud?

Presented by Casey Hester, Vice President/Customer Success, Dev/Con Detect


This webinar addresses the urgent question of ad fraud. Because given that ad fraud amounts to an estimated $8 billion every year, the question for publishers has changed from, are you losing revenue to ad fraud to how much revenue are you losing to ad fraud? This webinar’s message to publishers is simply, you are not alone. In this webinar, you’ll be able to compare your business to benchmark metrics from the most recent Dev/Con Detect ad fraud study of the top 2,000 ranked Alexa news sites. Learn from the top sites in the study about the latest ad fraud types, get tips on prevention—and specific steps to take to stop losing thousands in revenue due to variance and fraud.

Publishers today are faced with numerous challenges keeping revenue that belongs to them and ad fraud shouldn't be one of them.

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