How to Rethink and Revitalize Recruitment Revenue


It wasn’t that long ago that newspapers were the go-to spot for job postings. Of course, we all know what happened: the internet came along to disrupt the entire industry.

But what if newspapers could once again get in the recruitment game? The experts at Monster say it’s possible – if newspapers are willing to rethink their approach to the category.

“No one reaches the local markets better than the newspapers, but recruitment ads are not enough. It is imperative that newspapers help their employers find new candidates through using a multitude of new tools,” says Alex Smith, Partner Relationship Manager for Monster.

While the market for advertisers’ dollars is more competitive than ever, all businesses need to hire employees. In fact, according to a recent report from Bersin and Associates, approximately $200 billion is spent on hiring worldwide. So businesses are obviously willing to spend money to attract top talent.

Want a piece of this modern recruitment revenue? Here are a few tips from the experts at Monster for becoming your community’s one-stop shop for their recruitment needs.

1. Be active and aggressive
Like any other sales segment, success in the recruitment vertical really boils down to sales 101. “There must be a strong outbound strategy, managers need to listen to reps on call while leading by example and client expectations need to be set at close of contract. The recruitment sales team must be measured by strong KPIs,” advises Smith.

2. Offer multiple solutions
Traditionally, recruitment was a relatively simple category. To stand out in today’s market, though, newspapers need to provide more than just a platform for postings.

“Your client may need a solution to help them recruit for all of their positions, locally or nationally; or maybe they have a poorly designed career site; or the might have a lack of a mobile presence or no way of sourcing candidates,” explains Smith.

3. Sell beyond a single ad
In the same vein, salespeople have to think past the quick fix of a one-off job placement. They have to take the time to ask questions and find the source of clients’ recruiting pain – not just that one ad. That’s what will keep clients coming back.

“Hiring is expensive, hiring the wrong person is even more expensive and every day that position is open it costs the company money,” says Smith. “Don’t give a recruitment Band-Aid for that one job; give a full end-to-end talent solution.”

4. Find a strong category partner
Offering end-to-end solutions sounds great, but with newspapers already stretched thin, where do you find the resources to provide that kind of service? That’s where a partner like Monster comes in.

“Monster’s Partnership model is different in that we support our partners to succeed with sales, technology and marketing,” says Smith.

For sales, that means that Monster sends managers out into the field to be an extension of your recruitment team. They join sales calls, schedule demos, conduct in-person training and share best practices. Monster’s innovative recruitment technology and all updates are also available to newspaper partners at no additional cost.

Smith also emphasizes the fact that Monster’s models are not one-size fits all. So no matter your circulation size, the company is able to customize solutions to fit your newspaper’s unique needs.

“Each partner is different, and we pride ourselves with getting into the market and supporting our partners at a local level. We never want to be just ‘Monster’ in our partners markets. We want to be part of a true multimedia solution,” says Smith. “Our goal is to help our partners sell stickier solutions and drive incremental recruitment revenue.”

To learn more about the recruitment revenue opportunities and Monster, contact Alex Smith at Alex.smith@monster.com or 215-207-1455.