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Inland joins Support Real News, a national campaign to combat fake news


The News Media Alliance, joined by the Inland Press Association, the Local Media Consortium and International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, has launched a national campaign to combat the increasing prevalence of fake news.

Support Real News is intended to publicize the real harm fake news inflicts on the public—and to demonstrate the importance of real news produced by trusted news organizations employing high-quality investigative journalists.

The campaign calls on the public to support real news by taking action, including subscribing to a local newspaper and supporting investigative journalism by donating to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

“We are encouraged by the efforts of our members and other organizations to call attention to the growing fake news problem and to promote the value of real news,” Alliance President and CEO David Chavern said. “As the association that represents the news media industry, fighting fake news is one of the most important things the News Media Alliance can do for our members right now. Our campaign raises awareness of the damage that can be and is being caused by fake news, and to demonstrate why the continued presence of real news organizations is vital to a strong democracy.”

The Support Real News campaign includes a variety of resources leveraging digital, social, video, and print formats. The campaign, which lives on the Alliance website, includes two colorful ads in print and digital formats; a 90-second online video; social media graphics and Support Real News profile badge; blog posts and an Op-ed by Chavern.

The ICIJ, a partner of the campaign, is also posting the ads on its website. “We are delighted to be included in this important campaign, which echoes our mission to support and enable investigative journalism,” said Gerard Ryle, Executive Director at ICIJ.

“We wanted to show our support for this important initiative and encourage our members to participate,” said Doug Hiemstra, the executive vice president of BH Media Group and president of the Inland Press Association. “The more news organizations participate, the greater impact we can have.”

“We have all been forced to deal with fake news,” Local Media Consortium Chairman Christian Hendricks said. “Which is why we should all come together to address it.”

Support Real News kicks off Wednesday, March 29, with a Facebook Live event at 2:00 pm EDT featuring a panel of news media executives discussing issues pertaining to the current news environment and fake news. The panel will be moderated by Alliance staff and will include Q&A with viewers during the live event.

“Our hope is for news media organizations to share our campaign and amplify our message, and for the public to respond by supporting real news and the journalists who make it all possible,” Chavern said.