Keep the power of your data: It’s renewal season for Publisher Benchmarks


Publisher Benchmarks gives newspaper companies 24/7 access to insights into their organization’s performance.

The only deadline on these insights is the annual renewal for this powerful strategic planning tool.

Users should check their in-boxes because those renewal notices are arriving.

And with the renewals comes the ability to…

Take Big Picture or Deep Dives into the media company’s performance—by overall results, by department, by revenue achievement

Compare performance against peers—sorted in the ways most useful to them: by company size, region, ownership type, business model, and more.

Choose the metrics determined to be most important: profitability and/or EBITDA, print and/or online performance, quarterly or year-over-year.

Developed by Inland and Mather Economics LLC, Publisher Benchmarks puts in an organization’s hands the power of all the data being generating every day.

For any questions about renewing Publisher Benchmarks, contact Inland Executive Director Tom Slaughter at tslaughter@inlandpress.org or calling 847-795-0380.