LNP chooses Presteligence NewsXtreme to manage print production


LNP, the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, daily newspaper, has bought Presteligence’s NewsXtreme Prepress Production Workflow Solutions to manage its print production.

With its complete automation in page pairing and imposition, NewsXtreme takes the manual labor out of production and, Presteligence says, provides assurance that plates image correctly by soft proofing and approving the individual separations and/or composite files.

“For LNP, NewsXtreme will process their product plans from their advertising layout system saving time and potential errors by eliminating that extra step of manually creating product schedules,” the software company said.

Pages will load balance between multiple NX Rips and route to Blackmagic News Extra calibrated proofing when needed. The system will also relay updates with a Nela bender and plate sorting.

“NewsXtreme is a proven, robust workflow system and integrator to our many other systems. We will gain efficiencies giving us opportunities to increase our production,” said Ralph Martin, executive vice president of LNP parent Steinman Communications.

The system was sold through the partnership between Southern Lithoplate and Presteligence.