Mission One: Revenue

Long treks rewarded at M1: Revenue


Mission One: Revenue drew newspaper industry leaders from around the United States—from Florida to Vermont and Pennsylvania to Texas—but four attendees took a rather longer route to meet at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution June 19 to 21.

Isabella Sabillon and Doris Rivera traveled the 1,280 miles to reach Atlanta by air from San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Gillian Frances Barr and Linda Pretorius, though, beat even that distance to participate in the conference that was focused exclusively on generating revenue by all means newspapers have now and potentially.

Their trek from Pinetown, South Africa—a suburb of the coastal city of Durban—took them 8,700 miles on flights that totaled 19 hours.

And the four agreed the trip to Mission One: Revenue was well worth it.

“This conference has been great—very informational,” Gillian Frances Barr told Inland staff. Barr is the business manager for Caxton Local Media, a multimedia company that publishes content through newspapers, magazines, websites, events, and custom printing. Its more than 140 newspapers publish a combined weekly total of more than 3.7 million copies.

Linda Pretorius is Caxton’s business manager—and glad she attended Mission One: Revenue.

“Sometimes we feel like we are behind the times in our operations, but we are already doing most everything that has been talked about here,” she told Inland. “It’s good to know we are doing the right things—and we are getting some new twists and ideas.”

Doris Rivera is the sales manager and Isabel Sabillion the commercial director at Grupo OPSA, a Honduran media powerhouse that publishes magazines and newspapers, including the dailies Diario La Prensa, Diario El Heraldo, which brands itself as the “most influential” newspaper in Honduras, and the sports daily Diez.

Mike Blinder said that he spoke with his two client attendees from Groupo OPSA, Honduras’ largest media company and owners of the two biggest circulation newspapers in that country, who said: “They left with many new insights into how to leverage their existing assets to gain more local business.” Blinder went on to say that, “So many newspapers I work with outside of the U.S. need help in lowering their reliance on national advertising revenue. So, they look to me for creative ways to boost direct sales. It was great that our newspaper executives who attended M1 from abroad were able to see the many programs presented on garnering new SMB revenue."