Inland fellows

Nominate an Inland Fellow. Get a management-ready employee


The Inland Fellows Program is calling for nominees for its next class.

You likely have a potential Inland Fellow in your newsroom, your sales team, your circulation or production departments. He or she is someone poised to take a management role at your media company, and whose career track can be accelerated by professional development and mentoring from industry veterans.

Inland Fellows Program is a two-year program to help those early-stage employees build a foundation for a successful career at your organization—and to help newspaper workplaces better reflect the makeup of the audiences they serve.

Inland Fellows are paired with mentors who accompany them to the Inland Annual Meeting and the Key Executives Mega-Conference. In addition, each Fellow will attend a third Inland conference during the year.

Fellows are exposed to the operations of all newspaper departments, and consult regularly with their mentors.

Preference will be given to candidates who are racial and ethnic minorities, women or members of the LGBT community. But all Inland member newspaper employees with management potential are eligible to apply.

Inland will pick up 100% of cost of the program for candidates from member newspapers of less than 10,000 daily circulation. Inland will split the costs with sponsoring newspapers for candidates from papers greater than 10,000-circulation daily.

Inland Fellows Program applications are available online at

Applications for the next Fellows class are due July 13. Successful candidates will be notified by July 31.

For more information or assistance with the application, contact Carley Lintz, Inland membership and programming coordinator at 847.795.0380 or