Executive Voices 2.0

One day you’ll expect every conference to be like this

December 4-5, 2018


"Conferences are great but being able to sit with a peer group and really talk about topics that we’re all facing and be able to gather the collective wisdom of the group was powerful."

--PJ Browning, President, Evening Post Industries Newspaper Division, Publisher,
The Post and Courier

At most newspaper conferences you are subjected to a series of talking heads who read to you from their PowerPoints.

This one is different.

Executive Voices 2.0 is not a lecture, but a conversation. Your opinions are an integral part of the process. Your voice will be heard. You contribute to the solution.

Executive Voices 2.0 is open only to top newspaper decision makers and space is strictly limited to 70 attendees. Make sure you have a seat at the table.

Executive Voices 2.0 cannot be complete without you.

Questions about the Executive Voices Conference program, 
sponsorships or accommodations? Please contact Patty Slusher, Director of Membership and Programming, at pslusher@inlandpress.org or 847-795-0380

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