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Report: Users of Local Media Consortium’s 1,600 member websites make for more eager shoppers


A comprehensive analysis of consumers who visit the websites of Local Media Consortium (LMC) member organizations finds they are much more likely to respond to marketing by some big advertising category than the general population of web users.

The study of visitors to the more than 1,600 websites operated by LMC member media companies was conducted by the marketing analytics company Jumpshot. The company analyzed touchpoints related to key words, visits and engaged sessions from a sampling of 3.6 million unique visitors to LMC member sites from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, and indexed the results against Jumpshot’s U.S. panel.

Among its findings:

LMC mobile visitors are 506 percent more likely to have searched for, and than the Jumpshot U.S. panel
Local media site visitors are also nearly 5 times more likely to have searched for, or on their mobile devices than the general U.S. panel of web surfers.

Automotive shoppers or intenders are as much as 400 percent more likely to visit an automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) website as the general population. For instance, people who shopped for Buick vehicles on their PCs were 4.5 times more likely to have visited a local media website than the general online population.

“We are pleased to see how well our member websites reach mobile-and PC-based retail consumers searching for popular keywords and domains from automotive brands to homebuilders to pet products and travel,” LMC Executive Director Rusty Coats said.

“These findings showcase the value local news and information providers create and deliver to the advertising community each and every day,” said Christian A. Hendricks, vice president for products, marketing and innovation at McClatchy, and LMC board chair. “It’s now proven the collective and scaled strength of the LMC’s high-quality digital properties provide advertisers with an efficient and cost-effective path to customers.” adds Hendricks.

The findings are “further validation that high quality, local and relevant journalism drives unique opportunities for advertisers,” said Laurent Cordier, global managing director of news partnerships at Google.

The Local Media Consortium is a strategic partnership of leading local media companies focused on increasing member companies’ share of digital revenue and audience by pursuing new relationships with a variety of technology companies and service providers. LMC membership includes more than 75 local media organization with more than 1,600 publications.