Steps to Getting Access to Google Training Materials and Digital Sales Exam Certification


1. Go to

2. Click on Join Google†Partners

3. Click on Join Now

4. Either sign into your Google Account or create one if you do not already have one

5. Select whether you want to receive emails (these are actually pretty useful) and Sign Up to Google Partners

6. Once in your personal Google Partner profile, search for "Adcellerant" and click on "Adcellerant" once you type it in.

7. Click on the Affiliate button

8. Check the email inbox of the email associated with your Google Partner profile, check for the Google Partner confirmation email, and click the "Confirm email address" button.

9. You'll be taken to a confirmation page.

10. You can now find access to trainings and the Digital Sales Exam (inn order to become certified) from the Google Partners website.