Mission One: Revenue

The idea winner at M1Revenue: ‘The world’s classiest yard sale’


Many participants of Mission One: Revenue said one of the best parts of the conference was hearing about the market-proven revenue generating ideas that worked for other papers.

So in order to stimulate a little healthy competition among participants at M1Revenue everyone was asked to submit their best ideas for a session called, “You Made How Much? Doing what?”

The competition produced a ton of really good money-making ideas. Each participant got the chance to explain their idea and how it worked to the audience. They had to include how much revenue they actually made. Then the audience voted on which if the ideas they thought was the best.

The winner was Chris Stahl, Classified Manager for the LNP Media Group in Lancaster, Pa., for the “Wedding Flea Market.”

Chris described her event as the world’s “classiest yard sale for gently used, but not abused wedding items.” Vendors could sponsor the event and have a table for a fee. Not only did the event itself generate $10,000 in new revenue for the paper, but it also helped re-energize the paper’s bridal category that had been losing steam.

Plus, the whole thing was a lot of fun, Chris Stahl said.

For her efforts, Chris received the $100 cash prize from Inland (in US dollars) and $179 in euros from the Blinder Group, plus free online sales training.

Inland, the Blinder Group and SNPA thank everyone for their participation and looks forward to even more great ideas next year.

--Paul Camp