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The Siebold Company partnering with color control and registration specialists QIPC-EAE


The Siebold Company (TSC) is now the authorized agency of QIPC-EAE—the Dutch company specializing in color control and registration equipment—in the United States, the Caribbean and Canada.

TSC has had a prominent presence as a service provider in press equipment in the North American and Caribbean graphics market with a particular focus on newspaper and commercial printing.

“For years, the market has required us to develop color and register control,” said TSC Senior Vice President Richard Palmer. “A partnership with QIPC-EAE gives us the opportunity to offer newspaper and commercial printers the best solution in those categories”.

QIPC-EAE is known for its mRC-3D and IDS-3D color, cut and register control systems.

Bruce Barna, vice president sales & marketing for TSC said its goal in the partnership “is to provide our customers with the best solutions available in every press support category.”

The partnership also gives QIPC-EAE the opportunity to expand its customer base.

“Because the people at TSC have extensive technical and commercial knowledge of the industry’s needs and requirements, the focus on our solutions will only increase,” said Ronald Reedijk, managing director of QIPC-EAE Americas. “This will lead to further growth of our sales in the US, Canada and the Caribbean, thanks in part to TSC’s seasoned sales team, which is well established and has a good knowledge of the market.”

TSC expressed the same expectation. “Over 10,000 QIPC’s state-of-the-art color and register control cameras have been sold and there are more than 500 EAE-printing sites worldwide,” said Christophe Miles, vice president of corporate development. “Our partnership will help QIPC-EAE significantly expand its customer base in the region where we operate.”

Since 1989, TSC has completed more than 5,000 installation projects throughout North America and the Caribbean. TSC’s subsidiaries include Lion Web Components, DR Press Equipment, DGM and Smith Pressroom Products. TSC also offers press equipment brokering, press equipment reconfiguration and reconditioning services, press equipment audits and valuations, and operational consulting.