The Virtual Human Resources Management Conference


The Virtual Human Resources Management Conference is back with a new concept: It’s conducted entirely online on four days spread across the year with in-depth sessions devoted to the professions most urgent topics. Each session will be roughly four hours, from 8:00 a.m. – Noon CDT. 

Here are the dates to save:

Tuesday, March 20

The Virtual Human Resources Management Conference gets off with a timely first chapter: The Legal Update from Seyfarth Shaw LLP attorneys reviewing and giving insights into the unique legal issues newspaper HR professionals face.

Here's The Legal Update agenda:

8:00 - 8:45: Core Principles in Establishing a Harassment-Free Workplace

presented by Camille Olson. Download the presentation

The end of 2017 turned the national conversation toward heightened awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace. There were over 100 news reports of sexual harassment allegations involving celebrities, public figures, politicians, senior corporate executives-and prominent media figures. 

Fueled by the #MeToo social media campaign, workplace sexual harassment has become an urgent topic at virtually every workplace. This session will address the questions media companies are asking themselves: What are the best practices and policies to ensure a respectful workplace environment and eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace? What training and communications skills must we provide to our HR professionals, employees and managers?

This talk will address practices for preventing sexual harassment, tools for creating a culture of respect and inclusion, and appropriate internal and external responses to public allegations of sexual harassment.

8:45 - 9:30: Independent Contractors: What Employers Need to Know 

presented by Kyle Hartman. Download the presentation

The rapidly proliferating entrepreneurial economy, also known as the ‘gig economy,' offers alternative working arrangements that challenge traditional worker classification models.  This talk will review the latest federal legislative and administrative developments in the gig economy, state and local legislative developments, as well what to expect for joint employers. 

9:30 - 10:15: 2018 and Beyond at the NLRB

presented by Marshall Babson and Michael Rybicki. Download the presentation

Over a period of eight years under the Obama Administration, the National Labor Relations Board  engaged in perhaps the most dramatic reinterpretation of our national labor law in the agency's 80-plus-year history.  With a new Administration, the rules are likely to change again-and employers need to be prepared and know how to respond.  Topics will include what to expect from the NLRB regarding the rules for union organizing, what non-union employers can expect, what unionized employers can expect, and what employers should be thinking about in assessing their current policies and practices.

10:15 - 10:30: Break

10:30 - 11:15: Update on Family Leave Issues

presented by Josh Seidman. Download the presentation

An overview of the current nationwide paid sick leave and paid family leave landscape.  Discussion will provide an overview of existing paid sick and family leave laws, an update on recent legislative developments, including the New York Paid Family Leave Law, Washington Paid Sick Leave Law, and Maryland Paid Sick Leave Law, and considerations and solutions when dealing with multi-state and national compliance obligations.

11:15 - 12:00: The View from Washington

presented by Larry Lorber, Leon Rodriguez, and Alex Passantino. Download the presentation

This session will provide updates on the second year of the Trump Administration, including pending legislation and areas of interest, the status of appointments, and how the news in Washington will impact employers. 

Tuesday, May 22

This session focuses on Workforce Management and Talent Development with an emphasis on enhancing job satisfaction and productivity.

Tuesday, July 24

Join this session for a deep dive into Sales Management and Motivation, a perennial challenge for HR professionals.

September 25

On this final session, HR experts and practitioners turn the focus on you with Leadership and Career Development.

The Virtual Human Resources Management Conference qualifies for recertification credits. Each attendee will be issued a certificate of attendance.