Virtual HR Management Conference Part II: Workforce Management & Talent Development

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


8:30 a.m. You Can't Fix Your Culture without Fixing Management

Nearly half of all sales executives in the U.S. have voluntarily left a company because of their direct managers. While changing a company’s culture starts at the top, it is an employee’s direct manager that has the most impact on carrying the directive all the way through the ranks.

Yet many of today’s managers have had little management training—and even less development, emotional intelligence and insight into the psyche of their employees.

At this session, learn the many ways managers damage culture instead of improving it—and how to turn that around. Among the topics:

  • The benefits of improving company culture and why is it critical specifically with the millennial workforce.
  • How can managers quickly coach and develop their team members when there aren’t enough hours in the day.
  • How culture can be measured and how can you manage to it.
  • The impact of culture and retention on the bottom line.
  • The most common characteristics of high-performing managers as ranked by their employees.

Presented by C. Lee Smith, President & CEO and Julie Wnukowski, Senior vice president/Strategy and Operations, Sales Fuel

9:45 a.m. How to Recruit, Sculpt and Retain Your Sales A-Team

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Want to hit your 2018 stretch revenue goals? Then you must have an A-Team in your sales organization.

But you won’t find true sales professionals using the recruitment tactics of the past. This session will explore successful, proven initiatives from around the world to recruit good sales reps.

Sales trainer extraordinaire Charity Huff will focus particularly on the organizational culture essential to attract these reps: How to onboard them, mold them and retain them.

And most of all, it will answer this question for HR pros: What are the specific responsibilities of a sales manager to be a coach and a mentor—and to ensure a smooth transition from a “newbie” to a superstar?

Presented by Charity Huff, managing partner, Maroon Ventures

11:00 a.m. The Generations: Bridging Age Differences, Eliminating Age Bias and Implicit Bias

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In today’s workplace, there are four generations working side by side. While there is great variety in each generation, similar values, attitudes, and preferences are prevalent in each age cohort.

What challenges and opportunities does that present for the newspaper HR professional?

This session aims to provide insights on our multi-generational workplaces, implicit bias, age discrimination, and workplace best practices through an experiential journey. 

You’ll understand what implicit bias is and its relevancy or irrelevancy to workplace decisions, age discrimination in an aging workforce, and best practices to ensure non-discriminatory decision-making. 

 Presented by Kaitlyn Whiteside, Associate, Seyfarth Shaw LLP