You know him as the owner of The Blinder Group, but how much do you really know about Mike Blinder?


Here are 10 lesser-known facts about the charismatic and one-of-a-kind sales guru.

1. Even though he has not been on the air as a DJ since 1988 he still has “dead air” stress dreams of not being able to find the next record to play.

2. He’s a total coffee snob. He always travels with his favorite pods (Dark Italian Roast) and chooses hotels that have in-room Keurigs – ONLY!

3. He’s a bit of a hoarder. He has saved every convention badge (since 1984), mobile device and laptop he has ever used.

4. Mike is an amateur chef. He loves to cook and makes most of the Blinder “Family Dinners” when off the road.

5. Despite his conference attire, he actually thinks long pants are overrated and wears shorts while working from his home office in Tampa.

6. Mike moved to Tampa Bay because of the airport. His wife wanted to leave Maine’s cold and he wanted better air service. It was the perfect fit.

7. Mike is a news junkie. He constantly has CNN or MSNBC on in the background while working. He admits proudly that he has a crush on Nicole Wallace.

8. He always reads mystery/fiction books prior to sleep. His favorite author is Rex Stout, creator of Detective: Nero Wolfe. Want to quiz him? He has read all 33 novels so many times that he can quote from any book.

9. He has loved Broadway ever since his parents took him to see “Hello Dolly” in the 1960s. Mike has seen Phantom eight times, Les Misérables seven times, Wicked five times, and Cats too many times. He also knows every word of most Sondheim productions.

10. He’s facilitating Inland’s upcoming Mission One: Revenue Conference in Richmond, Virginia June 11-13. Register now to see him in action AND get a few revenue ideas while you’re there!