2019 Contests

2019 News Photo Contest


This year, the News Photo Contest is a standalone contest for greater easy of entry by contestants and to be less labor intensive on the judges.

As before, the contest is sponsored and judged by the Media School at Indiana University. There are no circulation categories, and the contest is open to Inland Press Association members only.

Here are the contest categories:

Class A: Photography

Photographs must have been printed in the newspaper or displayed on the newspaper’s Web pages. Each image must include a complete cutline, but it need not be identical to the cutline as originally published. Please submit JPEGs.


News. A picture of an unscheduled or breaking event for which no advancwe planning was possible or a picture of a scheduled political, social or cultural event for which advance planning was possible.

Sports. A picture that increases understanding of an appreciation for sport through the capture of peak action and the competitive spirit, or a sports-related picture with strong human interest or pictorial quality that celebrates the role that athletes play in the lives of athletes and fans.

Feature. A candid picture of a “found situation” containing strong human interest, a fresh view of the ordinary or human. In all cases the dignity of the subject must be respected.

Portrait. A picture of a person that reveals the essence of the subject’s character.

Picture story. A narrative picture story that either reports on significant events, celebrates life, portrays sport or explores environmental, social, economic or political topics. Should NOT include “best pictures of the year” or other photo collections that are not thematically related.

Class B: Picture Use.

Photographs must have been printed in the newspaper. Submit PDFs containing multiple pages if necessary.


News. Any single-page of news photos demonstrating editing skill by photographers, photo editors and/or design editors in photo selection, cropping, sizing and page positioning.

Sports. All of the above, but using sports photos demonstrating those skills listed.

Feature/Entertainment. All of the above, but using non-news and non-sports photos.

Multiple pages. Expanded treatment of any of the above subjects over two or more pages. These may be special sections, but they must have been published in the regular newspaper, not in supplements or a publication offered only separately from the newspaper.

Important entry notes.

There is no limit to the number of entries each photographer may enter in the Class A Photography categories. In Class B Picture Use, each newspaper is limited to four entries in each category for a maximum of 20 picture use entries per newspaper.

Fees: $12 per entry, or $9 per entry for 10 or more entries.

Deadline: Monday, September 2, 2019 5:00 p.m. CDT Central time.

How to enter: Follow instructions outlined in the box (right).