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Can you see the gems in your data that will power growth?


Knowledge is power, especially in the media industry. So why is it that so many of us are withholding vital information from our own teams?

“We’ve often found that company databases are only accessible to the bookkeeper. It’s our belief that publishers can empower their staff by opening these databases for their whole team to see certain company data, especially sales reps,” says Pat Pfeifer, President and Owner of Fake Brains Software, makers of AccountScout. “There are gems hidden in this company data that can help to drive revenue and boost success rates with advertisers.”

What lucrative gems could possibly be hiding in your company database? According to Pfeifer, these are three of the most common:

1. Advertiser histories A good salesperson knows better than to walk into a conversation with a local business owner empty-handed. With access to the newspaper database, reps can easily see an advertiser’s entire history, including conversations and previously run ad images. “These reports are priceless tools for sales reps to have at the ready before they talk to a client,” says Pfeifer.

2. Dormant accounts Mining databases can also reveal which accounts have fallen off. “Many times there are clients that run regular advertising who fall through the cracks between billing cycles and then go unnoticed. That’s one of the things that we help identify,” says Pfeifer. “If ads are expiring, salespeople should know so that they can go out and resell them.”

3. Overused discounts Discounts can be an effective incentive when negotiating a deal, but without proper tracking, you don’t know how much you’re giving away. “Unchecked discounts can be a leaky faucet. It’s usually a little drip, but if it goes long enough, it can be a costly problem,” says Pfeifer. Having access to your data, and tools that help to find these orders hidden in your databases can help with monitoring these markdowns.

In a time when advertisers have access to pretty much any information they want or need instantly on their mobile devices, can it possibly make sense to send your sale team into the field with anything less than the same capability and ease of access?
If your answer to this question is no, then put all of the functionality of a robust CRM designed specifically for newspapers straight onto your salesperson’s mobile phones:

•Real-time access to the AccountScout database in your office
•View/edit customer notes and all ad sales information
•Rebook ads
•View order histories and account balances
•Receive dashboard updates about upcoming expiring orders and appointments
•Download on the Apple Store and Google Play

Since 1991, Fake Brains Inc. has been helping media companies achieve greatness by providing data driven software like AccountScout. AccountScout not only manages the accounting, billing, and production of your newspaper, but also serves your staff with crucial pieces of information hidden in your company’s database. Made specifically with newspapers in mind, AccountScout is the nerve center of publishing companies.

It makes sharing information across sales, accounting and production teams effortless.

To learn more about Fake Brains and AccountScout, visit online at or call 303-791-3301.