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CIPS Marketing


CIPS Marketing brings the most innovative and cost-effective solutions to the newspaper and direct-to-door marketing industries.

CIPS Marketing utilizes only the most cutting edge Quality Control technology and processes to verify, in real time, all deliveries, every day. Every single delivery is monitored through GPS tracking or barcode scanning technology. More importantly, CIPS Marketing never loses sight of the importance of high-caliber, hands-on management. CIPS prides itself as being not only the leader in verification technology, but also the leader in high quality operational management.

We specialize in the following delivery types:

* Advertising TMC Packages
* Alternate Newspaper Publications
* Phone Directories
* Door Hangers
* Product Samples
* Advertising Circulars

In addition to distribution services, CIPS Marketing offers Targeting and Demographic support, custom mapping, independent audit services and unmatched customer support.

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