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We know great content and design will prevail. And users have demonstrated that they will gravitate to the best user experiences. We know that staffing is limited, so simplicity and flexibility are essential to your success. And we know that user-generated content and interactivity will be cornerstones to successful digital efforts in the future.

In fact, we predicted all those things more than a decade ago.

In this environment, copying what other companies or vendors are doing makes as much sense as following lemmings over a cliff. Most of what companies do in print or online today is rooted in the past, not the future. So we set out to do no less than create the next generation of print and web concepts for information, journalism, marketing and advertising. And we took some very different approaches.

We can provide digital and print software, solutions, training and content you can't get from any other vendor.

Our company has a long history of success, including 35 years of consulting for more than 300 media clients on three continents. Creative Circle has redesigned more than 600 newspapers, books, niche products and magazines as well as more than 300 websites. We've led training for publishers, journalists and ad sales staffers in 23 countries on how to improve content and engage users. We've participated in hundreds of research projects. As a result, we know how to create content that gets read and gets buyers motivated.

In 2004, we became so fed up with the terrible web software choices for our clients that we launched a software arm in an effort to help our clients thrive online.

We've helped media outlets of all sizes – from the Chicago Tribune, Scripps, Media General, Dow Jones, McClatchy and NBC to small weeklies and niche publications – but we specialize at helping family owned companies. Our expertise spans content, design, readership, usability, branding, marketing and visuals.

Our knowledge, experience and technology can help you grow and thrive.

We develop unique, workable solutions because we’re much more than a design or technology firm. We bring deep, international knowledge to every project, but we were also pioneers in hyper-local and niche publishing. We know how to produce top-quality content, marketing and advertising. And we deliver great user-focused experiences in everything we do. And we try to simplify processes and challenges.

Companies that invest in quality user experiences and content will win.

So if you need creative solutions, more engaged audiences and new ideas, we should talk. Now is a great time to innovate and get a step ahead of the competition, and we’re ready to help.

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Key contacts:

Sales, demos and information

Sean Finch, VP/sales, e-mail, 309-269-7834

Bill Ostendorf, president & founder, e-mail, 401-455-1555


Bill Ostendorf, president & founder, e-mail, 401-455-1555

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