LNP commits to print—and later news deadlines—as state-of-the-art press comes online


LNP, the daily newspaper serving Lancaster, Pennsylvania, started up its new state-of-the-art press to gain more control of its print products and to expand its commercial printing capabilities.

The big commitment to bringing printing operations back to Lancaster County will give the media company much more flexibility, said Ralph Martin, executive vice president of family-owned Steinman Communications, parent company of LNP Media Group.

In May 2015, Steinman outsourced printing of the LNP daily to the Advance Local-owned production facility in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. In a staff-written LNP story on the start-up of the new press, the newspaper said the move “improved the color and physical quality of the newspaper, (but) added travel time that pushed newsroom deadlines ahead of some late-breaking news or the ends of some sports games.”

“We didn’t have the flexibility like when you have your own press,” Martin said. The new press, he noted, will allow the LNP to include late news such as the results of late Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies games.

“You want to wait as long as you can to get the best stories you can for your readers,” Martin told the newspaper.
The new press is in an office park in nearby East Lampeter Township. In late June, it began printing Lancaster Farming, Ephrata Review, The Elizabethtown Advocate and The Lititz Record, all of which were formerly printed at a Steinman-owned facility in Ephrata Borough.

LNP said it will be added to the new press’ printing schedule in April 2020 once its current printing contract expires with Advance Local.

The new offset press is more efficient, reducing the press run of the weekly Lancaster Farming, for example, to a half-day from a daylong shift—and freeing up more press time for commercial work.

“Our first goal was to bring our press back so we can control that better ourselves,” Martin said.