Need a sign? Just Call The Daily Gazette in Schenectady, N.Y.


Establishing a digital services agency is, of course, all the rage among newspapers. But The Daily Gazette in Schenectady, New York, just did something a little different: It opened a graphic services operation, as in graphics printed on paper, laminate and other physical media.

In July, the newspaper opened Image360 Schenectady inside The Daily Gazette Building. This franchise is a separate company from the family-owned Gazette, but it is owned by the same shareholders and will access of certain departments of the newspaper company such as human resources.

“If you need a sign, you should call me,” Gary LaBelle, a former Daily Gazette advertising executive who is now general manager of Image360 Schenectady, said in the newspaper’s article on the opening by Business Editor John Cropley. “If you think it, we can do it.”

Image360 specializes in what the industry calls “experiential graphic design. “It seeks to shape an experience rather than influence a buying decision,” Cropley wrote in his report.

Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy spoke at the business’ opening ceremony, noting the the longevity of The Daily Gazette, first published in 1894 and owned for five generations by the Hume family: “125 years, a significant milestone for this organization, for the city of Schenectady, for the region”

Gazette Publisher John DeAugustine, who also is president of the Image360, also noted the longevity of the paper. “What’s it take to run a business for 125 years in the same community? It takes innovation. It takes commitment. Those are the things we have at The Daily Gazette,” he said, according to the Daily Gazette account.

He added that the newspaper interacts with more than a thousand small and midsized businesses each quarter—each of them a potential client of Image360 Schenectady, Cropley wrote.

The franchise operational capabilities include a latex printer that can create a banner up to 150 feet long and 54 inches wide.