Ogden Newspapers acquires Sandusky Newspaper inc.’s flagship Sandusky Register


Ogden Newspapers has purchased two Ohio dailies from Sandusky Newspapers Inc., the namesake Sandusky Register, which the family-owned company had operated since 1869, and the Norwalk Reflector.

In a visit to the newsrooms reported in the Register by staff writer Tom Jackson, Ogden Newspapers CEO Robert Nutting said his family-owned company will continue the community-based journalism that the Rau and White family established in Norwalk and Sandusky.

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to inherit the legacy of their impressive work, and we look forward to publishing great community-focused newspapers and running vital media platforms to serve a region as important as Sandusky and Norwalk, home to destinations such as Lake Erie and Cedar Point,” Nutting said.

For his part, Sandusky Newspapers CEO David Rau said his family was fortunate to be able to sell the papers over to another family company, “who have demonstrated a record of editorial independence and local emphasis, and have a long-standing commitment to quality community journalism. We believe they will be good stewards in the rapidly changing media world.”

Rau added the decision to sell was difficult. “Ultimately, we decided that given the tremendous changes in the media business over the past generation, the Register and Reflector, and both communities, would be better served were they owned by a larger company with more scale.”

Ogden owns eight other Ohio newspapers, including one in northern Ohio, the Advertiser-Tribune in Tiffin.

“The addition of the Sandusky Register and the Norwalk Reflector to our family of newspapers will provide opportunities to our readers—both in print and online—to experience more comprehensive community news coverage and in-depth reporting on regional issues,” Nutting said. “Also, with publications in Sandusky, Norwalk and Tiffin, we’re particularly excited about the potential to create greater marketing opportunities for local business seeking to expand their footprint in the region.”

Nutting told the newsrooms that as the news business changes, Ogden will continue to be in the market for newspapers.

“We continue to believe very strongly in the power of printed newspapers,” he said. “We believe in their value to readers, advertisers and especially to providing guidance and leadership to their communities. The Sandusky Register and the Norwalk Reflector, along with their websites, and, are vital and credible connections to Erie and Huron counties that deliver important value to readers and advertisers. That’s more important now than ever before.”

Wheeling, West Virginia-based Ogden Newspapers publishes 47 dailies plus weeklies in 16 states.

Sandusky Newspapers Inc., which has been in the newspaper business since 1869, has sold a number of its properties in the past year. Rau said the company intends to keep its newspapers in northeast Tennessee, where it owns the Kingsport Times-News and the Johnson City Press.

Randy Cope of Cribb, Greene & Cope, the merger and acquisition firm with offices in Arkansas, Montana and Californian, represented Sandusky Newspapers in the transactions.