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With fewer reporters and editors and less original content, we have to make sure the content we do create is relevant and that readers read it. Better engagement in print and online can curb the impact of cutbacks and streamlining and grow readership and revenue.
That’s the new secret to success. And that’s where Creative Circle can help.

We know great content and design will prevail. Users have demonstrated that they will gravitate to the best user experiences.
Unfortunately, most of what publishers and vendors do in print or online is rooted in the past, not the future. We set out to create the next generation of print and web concepts for content, marketing and advertising. And we took some very different approaches. Here is a sampling of what we learned:

Software must be easy and non-technical. If it’s hard to use and technical, it’s costing you money. Software should be democratic, allowing everyone to learn and manage. And true interactivity with users requires close attention to usability. This is a huge, hidden cost of most legacy software.

Web sites must be dynamic, not static. Good design and flexible layouts make sites more interesting and engaging. Users stay longer. They click more. They read more. We created the industry's first dynamic web platform that allows you to alter the layout of web pages in seconds — add, subtract, move or package ads with related content, make a picture bigger. And we provide dozens of story layouts, or the ability to create your own. We created ways to package stories and run them together, just like you do in print. Better design and flexibility can drive your numbers (see chart) as long as it’s easy to do, so demand that from your vendors.

Pay walls can make money. While pay walls aren’t for everyone, many of our clients have been surprised by how much cash they’ve been able to generate. And don’t assume it has to be a metered model. There are a dozen pay wall approaches out there. We were the first to integrate a pay wall into our web CMS back in 2005 when everyone thought we were nuts. We now have the most flexible and easiest-to-use pay wall in the industry and we’ve seen a lot of different strategies work.

Newsrooms and ad departments need to be much more user-focused. If you take a hard look at your workflows, you’ll find they are literally anti-user. Learn to think like a user and reshape your company to act accordingly. It can give everyone on your team a new and hopeful outlook. Our energizing training programs can help refocus your newsroom and ad department to become truly user-centric. It’s simple but revolutionary.

Print isn’t dead. So let’s stop killing it. Print isn’t a bad medium, we’re just doing print badly. That’s why print penetration has been dropping since 1945. Make print your premium product with only your best content. Add better headlines and more reader-centric coverage and you can grow newsstand sales, curb churn and boost circulation revenue. If you are willing to make a real commitment to change, our print redesigns can do just that. Reforming your content will improve every product you produce – in print and online.

Top talent still matters. In this competitive environment, you’ve got to deliver top quality ideas, content and design. It’s worth finding a way to keep your best talent. Ten talented people who are paid more will outperform 12 or 13 low paid staffers. Reinvest in training, too. If you need more help, we offer high-end creative outsourcing. We don’t send work overseas to save money. We give you access to top talent who can deliver products that will make your clients and customers notice.

Companies that invest in quality user experiences and relevant content will win. It’s that simple.

So if you need creative solutions, more engaged audiences, better software and new ideas, we should talk.

Contact: Bill Ostendorf, president & founder,, 401-455-1555 or Sean Finch, VP/sales,, 309-269-7834.