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How to Talk to Your Advertisers About Email Marketing


Today, it’s not enough for advertisers to run a single type of marketing campaign. “You can’t have all your eggs in one basket anymore,” explains Brandon Rosen, CEO and Co-Founder of Site Impact, a company specializing in multi-channel email marketing services.

That means that in order to capture local advertising and marketing dollars, local newspapers and media companies need to be able to offer a wide variety of products. “Advertisers prefer to streamline their capabilities utilizing one or two full service sources who can handle everything in regards to their advertising offerings,” says Rosen.

Email marketing in particular is an essential part of any modern marketing package. “Any paper, TV station or radio station that doesn’t offer email marketing to their local advertisers is missing out on a big revenue stream,” says Rosen.

Here are four key talking points from Rosen and his team to utilize when discussing email marketing with your advertising clients.

1. It’s the perfect complement to print ads
When talking to a new or existing advertising client, sales representatives should always be on the lookout for potential upsells. Email marketing is an ideal candidate because of how well it ties into other types of advertising. When different components of an advertising campaign complement each other, advertisers are more likely to see results.

“Email marketing is perfect for a fast-turnaround campaign or promotion. It’s something you can execute in addition to running your quarter page ad in the newspaper,” says Rosen. “Your email is set up to correlate with that local target audience who sees your ad in the Sunday paper. They also see your email ad in their inbox on Tuesday. Repetition in marketing leads to higher conversions.”

2. Email marketing reaches mobile users When planning a marketing campaign, advertisers cannot afford to neglect mobile. In fact, 72 percent of online adults open and send emails on their mobile device every day. Luckily, expert email marketing providers like Site Impact, create systems with mobile in mind.

“One of the biggest pieces of the marketing puzzle is making sure that the clients are prepared for mobile-friendly outreach. “Today, there is more smart phone traffic than there is desktop traffic,” says Rosen. “You’ve got to be able to take advantage of that opportunity and have an email, website or platform that is responsive on any device.”

3. It can be targeted to very specific audiences
One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is how easy it is to reach different audiences. So, unlike a print, broadcast or even many digital ads, emails can be sent directly to a particular type of consumer.

“We’re uniquely able to target very specific consumers based on their likes and levels of interest,” explains Rosen. “So we can really pinpoint the right type of buyers for various products and services.”

4. It produces fast, measurable results Arguably the best part about marketing emails, though, is the speed, both in terms of production and results. Rosen and his team, for example, can produce a new email for clients within 30 minutes. And since emails are typically read within the first 72 hours, results come in quickly.

“Email makes it extremely easy to analyze and tweak your marketing message, since turnaround allows you to move very quickly,” explains Rosen. “So, if you see something that is working, you can move more revenue dollars into that. If you see a subject line that is performing better, you can assess very quickly based on the amount of people who are opening and clicking through the emails.”

Of course, to offer email marketing services to advertisers, media companies need to either create the product from scratch in-house or partner with another company. Picking the right vendor, therefore, is crucial to the success of a program.

“The number one capability advertisers and brands should be looking for from a potential partner is integration,” says Rosen. “Everything we do at Site Impact is custom-built around different media companies’ systems. No matter what dashboard the media company wants for their client, our systems can tie into their platform and make it a very seamless, streamlined program for the advertiser.”

For almost nine years, Site Impact (formerly BMI Elite) has been helping clients, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses, reach new audiences and generate new revenue with data and marketing resources. Their database includes over 135 million records, all opta-in and double opt-in, and can be targeted by over 700 different lifestyle selects including gender, geo, household income as well as hobbies, levels of interest and more.

“We’re very active within the media space. We deeply understand what tools media companies need to make campaigns successful and to keep their clients happy,” says Rosen. “It’s the reasons why so many major newspapers come directly to us – it’s because we can get the job done and we can get their clients results, providing a good product with a great margin.”

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