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Watch for new, streamlined NICS forms


Inland’s Newspaper Industry Compensation Survey will have a new look for 2019.

The redesigned forms will eliminate newspaper industry job titles that are no longer relevant, making for a more user-friendly survey, said Carley Lintz, Inland’s programming and membership coordinator Start 2019 by putting the power of NICS on your side.

“There are some titles and work categories that don’t really help compensation decision-makers in analyzing and setting pay and benefits levels,” she said.

What isn’t changing, Lintz added, is NICS primary mission of illuminating how a newspaper’s compensation compares with peers along a range of industry-specific positions.

The streamlined survey will also produce data allowing companies with multiple properties to benchmark compensation, incentives and benefits across units.

And NICS will remain a cost-effective and efficient empowering tool for compensation strategizing, Lintz said.

Forms for the 2019 Newspaper Industry Compensation Survey will be available later this month. Watch for the forms and the 2019 early bird and final deadlines.

And for more information, contact Carley Lintz at or 847.795.0380.