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How to Drive Revenue with Local Search


The overwhelming challenge for digital publishers is to generate more revenue per visitor, either through increased time on site, higher value clicks, or completed connections to sponsoring advertisers. “Advertising revenue for publishers is in decline from increased competition for both ad spend and user attention. Simply adding more advertiser content to a site compounds the problem, making the user experience worse and ultimately decreasing the conversion of higher value ad interaction.” says Kal Baumwart, Segment Sales Director for Soleo, a global leader in cloud-based, local search solutions.

It’s difficult to find the right mix of relevant and engaging content for digital advertising, but understanding actual consumer intent is the key to being able to provide a positive consumer experience that also delivers increased revenue for the digital publisher.

Soleo specializes in solving the hard problem of associating site context with consumer intent and ultimately local advertisers. “Soleo’s Local Search Widget is an easy to embed solution that supplement existing advertising with local sponsored business listings that are relevant to the consumer’s experience,” says Baumwart.

What makes Soleo’s Local Search Widget different?

Often, online ad spaces are filled with images or videos provided by third-party advertisers. These spaces typically promote a single business, product or service, and are determined solely by the user’s browser history.

“These ads are most often unrelated to the current context of the user’s online session,” explains Baumwart. “The ad space contains code that examines a user’s browser history, looking specifically for purchases. That’s why you often see that pair of shoes you bought a month ago from an online store showing up in an ad on your browser.”

In contrast, Soleo’s Local Search Widget, fills the ad space with two to five listings of local businesses with direct thematic connections in the context of a given page. The connection between content and advertising drives reader interest and ultimately, higher value ad conversion.

The widget uses key elements of a page’s content, including geographic location, page topic, and any search criteria entered by a user as input. Relying on natural language models built upon comprehensive data sets of consumer search behavior, the widget returns the best available and highest value sponsored and/or organic listings from Soleo’s inventory of local businesses. For example, if a reader is on the Engagements page of a newspaper site, they will see listings of local florists rather than a push ad for shoes.

How does the widget generate revenue?

The Soleo Local Search Widget produces revenue when readers engage with the ad by calling the business or clicking on the listing. “Our widget typically pays demonstrably better over time than traditional digital display models,” explains Baumwart.

“We understand that existing impression-based advertising, while weak in providing customer engagement and relevance, is nonetheless the most common marketing tactic,” says Baumwart, “so we built a solution to maximize the benefits of performance advertising. This works particularly well with mobile devices that can directly dial a call by clicking on the phone number associated with a particular listing.”

What other benefits?

In addition to new revenue from pay-per-call advertising, the Local Search Widget also helps to drive reader engagement. “When readers see ads that are related to the displayed content, and immediate online experience, they’re more likely to stay on that page,” says Baumwart.

Soleo can also include a publisher’s local advertisers in the widget search results. For instance, if a local car dealership runs a print ad in the paper, that information can be entered into the Soleo local search engine so that the listing is displayed when appropriate. “Our solution provides both continuity of advertiser presence across all channels and allows publishers to offer added value to their advertisers” according to Baumwart.

Soleo is a global leader in innovative, cloud-based local search solutions.  Soleo’s Local Search Widget and Discovery Engine™ enable our partners to deliver a more relevant consumer search experience through natural language understanding. Soleo provides these services with carrier-grade security, reliability and performance. Our customers depend on Soleo as a trusted innovation partner to design, develop, and deliver the ultimate user search experience. In addition to the Local Search Widget, Soleo also offers the Local Search API and Local Search White Label Services as part of their natural language search portfolio.

To learn more about Local Search products and Soleo, email Kal Baumwart, visit or call (585) 641-4300.