To be in the newspaper business these days is to adapt and anticipate change.

For family owners and the next generation of owners, change can take many forms. Change in succession. Change in corporate structure.

Even change in ownership.

There’s one place where those special challenges and opportunities get examined thoroughly and stories of success and caution are shared candidly and safely—Inland’s Family Owners and Next Generation Leadership Conference.

Here’s what you’ll find at an Inland Family Owners and Next Generation Leadership Conference:

• A forum for making leaps forward in generational understanding
• A gathering to identify unexpected revenue drivers
• A conference exclusively for family owners and next generation leaders
• A place to share experiences of the rewards and risks of family businesses
• Discussion and guidance from industry and business experts on issues like succession, non-family executives, newspaper valuations, the state of the market for papers like yours—and more.
• Networking that’s only possible among owners sharing the same responsibilities and opportunities.


“There’s a real sense of camaraderie, and there are topics we get into that I never discuss with anyone else. Inland provides a safe place for that.”

--Cameron Nutting Williams, Regional Publisher for Ogden Newspapers, and Director for The Nutting Company

Alan Yoshitake Presentation, 2019